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Asia Plantation Capital

in the United States

Asia Plantation Capital has purchased 1,400 acres in Northern Florida, situated between Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Gainesville, right in the heart of the parks and wildlife reserves of the historic Madison County, one of America’s oldest and most bio diverse and important ecological regions.

The project is simple, we are restoring an established amenity timberland containing spruce, cypress and white pine, aged between 20 and 50 years, which we will interplant with blocks of high value, short rotation, hardwood timbers, producing income and medium to long term timber revenues while maintaining biodiversity.

The demand in the US for timber and biomass is experiencing huge growth. China is becoming a major exporter and the growing domestic renewable energy sectors require increasing supplies of sustainable biomass to fuel various projects.

In North America where the climate is temperate, the infrastructure is perfect, and land title security is rock solid, with agricultural and forestry lands having long been an undervalued asset. Asia Plantation Capital is currently purchasing more land across the US where in some states, land prices have doubled or trebled over the last year.