Associate Companies

The APC Group / Associate Companies

The APC Group is comprised of a number of companies around the globe that all work to promote sustainability and the concept of ‘people, planet and profit’. Presented below are some of these companies.

Sustainable Asset Management

Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) is an associated Singapore based market research company that provides forestry related reports on the latest industry and market developments, in addition to periodically publishing market research specifically on the agarwood market.

APC Essentials

APC Essentials is an essential oil and product distributor dealing with the world’s finest 100% Oud oils and other essential oils for the global fragrance and flavours market, as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical industries.

APC Organics

APC Organics has offices and projects across the globe, and is the agricultural crop and food product distribution business of the group.

APC Estates

APC Estates is a sustainable lifestyle-led company developing luxury sustainable homes in harmony with nature and the environment. Its fundamentals are combining luxury with nature and an all-round sustainable carbon footprint-free lifestyle, – providing holiday, lifestyle, and ownership opportunities.

Eco Tech Asia

Eco Tech Asia specialises in bamboo hardwood floors. Demand for bamboo flooring is growing as a result of its durability, natural beauty, and global market appeal. Increased use of bamboo will result in the need for more sustainable commercial bamboo plantations to quickly fund supply chains. It is also capable of manufacturing bamboo bicycles and bamboo luggage, and will be expanding into eco-friendly health, fashion, and lifestyle products in the future.