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Asia Plantation Capital’s focus is on delivering value to our clients by leveraging on the ever-growing market demand for sustainable products, materials and ingredients. Asia Plantation Capital currently produces a wide variety of products which range from eco-friendly homes built with sustainable materials; to the very valuable and rare, pure, natural Oud oil that is used by leading fragrance brands for their high-end scents, to light weight and durable bamboo luggage for the world traveller.

Asia Plantation Capital through its network of companies is able to supply the best sustainable materials for its projects, while maintaining tight control of costs, processes and operational focus. This approach also allows Asia Plantation Capital to easily innovate and create new markets and products. Innovation has been, and continues to be, a key area of emphasis for Asia Plantation Capital. Research done by the Scientific and Research Advisory Board provides new applications and processes for market leading advances in products and materials.

Asia Plantation Capital continues to constantly identify, create and introduce new products and open new markets. Investing in improving the environment today will reap benefits for us tomorrow.