Asia Plantation Capital Annual General Meeting 2017

Asia Plantation Capital’s 2017 Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok, 21 October 2017 – Award-winning plantation management company Asia Plantation Capital (APC) held its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 21 October 2017, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

The APC Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Barry Rawlinson, opened the AGM by speaking to the crowd of over 400 Thailand-based plantation owners and stakeholders, about the ongoing effects of climate change in the agriculture sector. Mr Rawlinson also expressed his sincere gratitude to all APC staff who has worked tirelessly in addressing and mitigating the negative effects of climate change within the company’s agricultural practices and production.

Asia Plantation Capital continues to remain steadfast in its ethos of ‘holistic sustainability’. Throughout 2017, the company has embraced programmes and directives that transcend mere Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, ensuring that equal care, consideration and encouragement are given to all members of staff – from top and middle management all the way through to plantation workers and their families.

Jinda Tonkhambai, Asia Plantation Capital Thailand’s Operations Director, outlined the details of APC’s ongoing CSR activities, as well as those that have been carried out over the last year, from which many local communities have benefited.

In light of the company’s ongoing expansion and the additional plantations that are needed to meet growing demand for its products, Phanitta Matwangsaeng, from General Administration, updated attendees on the processes and due diligence carried out prior to the purchases of land. Technical details, such as the land designing process, plot diagrams, water systems, and tree management systems, were further explained by architect, Phoom Matwangsaeng.

Steve Watts, Chief Executive Officer of APC Asia, spoke about the business operations of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad (APCB) – the Malaysian arm of the APC Group – with emphasis placed on the major joint ventures that have been entered into, as well as the breakthroughs that were made in research and development. The factory – the largest agarwood distillery in Southeast Asia – now sees some new manufacturing processes, as well as an expanded nursery facility and laboratory with state of the art equipment to monitor oil quality and production methods. Mr Watts also announced that APCB is now in the process of obtaining certification for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Halal certification.

One of the most significant achievements for APCB has been the recent recognition and unconditional approval of one of its products by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), which is a statutory body formed as a result of a merger between the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Registrar of Businesses (ROB) in Malaysia which regulates companies and businesses.

Boonchuay Jomkhamsee – Forestry Specialist, provided information on plantation management as well as APC’s inoculation process.

Dr Jeyakumar, who was recently appointed as Asia Plantation Capital’s Head of Inoculation R&D, revealed links in the formation of agarwood at the molecular level and explained the significance of APC’s inoculums. He also presented his ongoing research on Argininosuccinate Synthase 1 (ASS1) gene expression in Aquilaria plants, which is controlled by wound signal through the process of inoculation.

Special Scientific Advisor and Associate professor, Dr Pakamas Chetpattanondh, from Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University, delivered a presentation on the ways in which to produce Oud Oil, its applications, and the medicinal benefits and remarkable properties of Oud oil.

The audience was also given updates on Fragrance Du Bois (FDB), by Clotilde Antoine, who is the Brand and Retail Manager. The luxury perfume brand scaled new heights this year with new partnerships and openings in Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Marbella, Doha, and Zurich, as well as its very own European flagship boutique in Geneva.

The relocation of FDB’s flagship boutique in Singapore to the busy shopping area around Orchard Road was another exciting project that the brand embarked upon in 2017, and appears to have been an instant success with increased levels of brand awareness and revenue. Ms Antoine also mentioned the launch of FDB’s unique Pure Oud Atomiser, as well as providing FDB’s plans for the upcoming year, which includes the expansion of its boutique network in the Middle East (where at least two outlets will be opening in Dubai in the next few weeks), along with outlets in the USA and Portugal.

Asia Plantation Capital also announced that it has entered into an exclusive supply agreement with Fragrance du Bois to specifically supply its associated company Oud Essentials, a dynamic, new skincare and accessories brand.

Part of the Oud Essentials mantra is to ‘change the face of skincare’, and the inclusion of 100% pure, organic, sustainably sourced and ethically produced Oud in all of the company’s products is set to be a ‘game changer’ in the ultra-competitive, multi-billion-dollar market.

Oud Essentials will introduce the use of Oud oil in skincare – one of the world’s first – through the creation of unique and innovative products. The agreement is said to be valued in the region of US$50 million over the next 10 years, with understanding between the two companies to supply valuable Oud oil, and other APC products sourced and manufactured from its sustainable agarwood plantations.

At the AGM, the APC Group awarded two certificates to Africa Plantation Capital. One to its Chief Executive Officer, Konstantinos Kioleoglou, who received the ‘Asia Plantation Capital Global Innovation Award 2017’, and the other to Kelvin Kaloki Sila, Business Development Director, who garnered the ‘Asia Plantation Capital Global Leadership Award 2017’.

The AGM ended with a closing speech by APC Group CEO, Barry Rawlinson, who said, “2017 has been a good year for all of us at Asia Plantation Capital, as we have seen positive growth within the organisation. Despite the challenges we have faced, we have managed to ensure that performance; growth and momentum across all regions have been maintained.”

Rawlinson concluded, “On behalf of the company, I would like to thank all our stakeholders, shareholders and every member of staff for their contribution and support.”