Fragrance Du Bois Presents the Ultimate Expression of Purity With ‘Oud Intense’

Oud Intense by Fragrance Du Bois – Perfect for layering with other perfumes and scents, or simply making a bold statement on its own.

It’s no secret that at the heart of all Fragrance Du Bois’ creations is its signature, aromatic Oud – guaranteed to be pure, organic, and sustainable. The French, luxury fragrance house recently revealed the latest addition to its range of exquisite products, with the release of Oud Intense – an unadulterated, daring expression of Oud at is finest.

Oud Intense is 100% pure and undiluted, delivering, via a fine spray, one of nature’s most prized treasures in its simplest, most fundamental form.

With Oud often being the ‘star’ ingredient in a beautifully composed fragrance, Oud Intense is perfect for ‘layering’ with other perfumes and scents, or simply making a bold statement on its own. It combines power and subtlety, with extraordinary depth and a sense of the history of fragrance that has been created over thousands of years.

The brand recognises that ‘layering’ fragrances to create different, often personalised profiles is a method that is becoming increasingly popular – and a tradition that has been practised in the Middle East for centuries, if not millennia.

“Oud Intense is perfect for customers who want a sense of empowerment in controlling how they smell, and are looking for an extra ‘oomph’ when wearing our perfumes”, commented Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois. “For instance, I’d spray an extra spritz of Oud Intense when I’m going for an important meeting as opposed to taking a morning stroll, and so on. The permutations are almost endless; limited only by the individual’s imagination.”

Oud Intense was also created to complement ‘Nature’s Treasures’ – a collection of lighter, fresher and non-oud perfumes that was launched last November – allowing users to combine a variety of different scents, including Oud, according to their personal tastes and preferences.

Oud Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

Provenance and sustainably are key to the Fragrance Du Bois ethos, and the company condemns the use of illegal sources of Oud. Only pure Oud oil, produced from trees on its own plantations, is used in its fragrances, which means that it is guaranteed to emanate from a sustainable and ethical source. As a result, the brand has already established an excellent reputation for its Oud-based fragrances and associated products, and the perfume world is resonating with the company’s ‘Pure Oud, Pure Luxury’ mantra.

Additionally, all Fragrance Du Bois Shades and Privé creations will now be available in exclusive 15ml spray editions. They will be presented in their own, gorgeous, velvet boxes, and are set to become a sensory feast – dramatic to the eye; exquisite on the nose.

Oud Intense and the 15ml spray edition are priced at 395 Euros and 125 Euros respectively, and will only be available, exclusively, at Fragrance Du Bois’ Geneva boutique and Jovoy, Paris and Doha.