Asia Plantation Capital Donates Agarwood Tree to UWC Singapore

UWCSEA Director of Sustainability, Nathan Hunt, with UWCSEA students and the APC team after planting Aqualaria Sinensis in the school grounds.
Leaders in the field of sustainable plantation management and agarwood production, Asia Plantation Capital recently donated 15 Aquilaria sinensis saplings to the United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA). The gift was in recognition of UWCSEA’s commitment to the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable future, as well as its efforts in educating the community on its responsibility to conserve and protect the environment. 
UWCSEA Director of Sustainability, Nathan Hunt said, “Our ambition is to develop the skills and qualities in students that are needed to build a more sustainable future – a future where practical environmental stewardship becomes a major part of every child’s education.”

With education in mind, and the ‘haze’ prevalent in the region at the time (due to forestry-related pollution) Asia Plantation Capital was given the opportunity to give a presentation in March 2015 to approximately 300 students at UWCSEA’s Dover Campus. This was as part of the college’s week-long education programme on sustainability and its implications for people and businesses. 

The presentation by John Berry, Asia Plantation Capital’s Business Development Director - Asia Pacific, focused on forestry, and illustrated the ways in which APC runs its plantations compared to other forestry-related companies. Mr Berry also suggested ways in which companies could improve their procedures, in order to prevent forest fires being started – either accidentally, or deliberately. The presentation also discussed forestry products and what types of plants could be used for different industries. 

“The idea to support UWCSEA’s Forestry Foundation by way of donating an agarwood tree,” said John Berry, “or more specifically the Aquilaria sinensis sapling, came after a recent discussion I had with Nathan Hunt. We discussed what the Foundation was teaching with regards to flora and fauna, and this idea came up. By donating these saplings, students at UWCSEA will be able to learn more about this agarwood species, while conserving it.”

The Aquilaria sinensis is a genus of fifteen species of tree in the Thymelaeaceae family, which is native to Southeast Asia. The trees that grow to between six and 20 metres in height are found in the rainforests of China and is one the species grown on APC’s plantations.

Asia Plantation Capital has proven itself to be a pioneer and innovator in the sustainable plantation sector, and its Scientific Advisory Board, working alongside a team of researchers, has evolved technologies – many of which have been patented – to ensure that the once endangered species of Aquilaria tree is now flourishing in the wild and continuing to produce one of nature’s most precious substances.

The products made from the trees on Asia Plantation Capital’s estates have full CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) approval and certification – a testament to the fact that the company is passionate about its role in not only making sure that there are agarwood supplies around for future generations, but also that products are sourced ethically and sustainably.