Fragrance Du Bois Makes Triumphant Debut in World’s Fashion Capital

Fragrance Du Bois’ live agarwood carving display at the launch.

‘Pure Oud, Pure Luxury’, the motto that has captured the imagination of the fragrance world, has now made its way to Milan – one of the most iconic locations in the fashion and luxury goods industries – with the debut of Fragrance Du Bois’ exclusive and exotic creations.

As a brand, Fragrance Du Bois has seen its ambitious expansion plans extend to a slew of openings around the world in 2016, the latest of which sees its presence in a city widely recognised as one of the world’s most important fashion capitals.

“Opening our boutique at Profumo on the Via Brera is a singular honour for us as a relatively young company,” said Nicola Parker, Fragrance Du Bois’ Brand Director. “The establishment is synonymous with quality, exclusivity and luxury, and these are values and characteristics that are close to all our hearts at Fragrance Du Bois. Since its opening in 1984, the boutique has garnered an unparalleled reputation for showcasing only the finest, most classic expressions in the world of fine fragrance. We’re delighted to be able to bring our creations and our unique marketing philosophy to other parts of Europe, following on from the success we have already enjoyed at the House of Jovoy in Paris.”

Fragrance Du Bois is blazing a trail with its innovative collections, with 100% pure, natural Oud oil at their heart. Oud is an oil that is distilled from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, and has been revered in countless cultures and civilisations for thousands of years.

Fragrance Du Bois’ exquisite range and its signature cloches.

As an ingredient it is powerful and complex, and requires a deft and skilful hand to ingratiate it into a fragrance. FDB’s perfumers are masters of their craft, and relish the opportunity of working with one of the most remarkable ingredients on earth, to create expressions that are both intoxicating and elemental.

“Working with Oud presents an incredible challenge,” continued Parker, “and there are not too many perfumers in the world who have the confidence and expertise to use it properly. To get the right balance in a fragrance, you have to understand the power of the ingredient, as well as its subtleties and nuances. It reacts with other ingredients in so many different ways, that arriving at just the right formulation is a task that our perfumers have turned into a ‘labour of love’. We want all our clients to indulge in the full sensory experience that we offer, which is why we’ll be featuring our signature cloche table and natural, hand-carved agarwood (or Oud) pieces at Profumo in Milan.”

Experiencing Oud in its natural form lends a wonderful perspective to the overall experience of a Fragrance Du Bois creation, as it gives a sense of the provenance of the remarkable material, as well as an impression of its characteristics.

Guests discovering Fragrance Du Bois’ perfumes.

At Profumo, perfume aficionados will be invited to sample Fragrance Du Bois’ beguiling creations, by smelling actual Oud wood pieces from which the oil is extracted. Displayed within golden cloches, this sensory experience facilitates the understanding of both the complexity of the ingredient, and the role it plays in the creation of the fragrances that are impacting the global industry.

“We fully expect European connoisseurs to appreciate what we are striving to achieve as a brand, and understand our values as a company,” concluded Parker, “and we know that Profumo will help us to showcase all of our ranges, from Shades and Privé, to our newly created ‘Lite Attars’ and ‘Nature’s Treasures’, which contain only pure, natural oils. We’re very interested to see the market’s reaction to this range, as it was initially conceived to offer ‘layering’ – a tradition among perfume wearers in the Arabian Gulf that is gaining momentum in other parts of the world. Our creations within the Nature’s Treasure range are perfect for this process, enabling a wearer to put together, creatively, a scent profile that best suits his or her personality and self-perception. We’re looking forward to bringing this concept to the European market.”

The creation of many fragrances today starts with a budget and a ‘price point’, but this is not the case with Fragrance Du Bois as it makes its debut in Italy. Fragrance Du Bois’ perfumers have an ‘open book’ when it comes to ingredients and costs, leaving them free to express their artistry in a way that is sure to enrapture the coterie of fashionistas and perfumistas who frequent the Via Brera in Milan.