Fragrance Du Bois Launches New Collection – “Nature’s Treasures”

Seductive and luxurious, ‘Nature’s Treasures’ is an original collection of hand-blended perfumes from Fragrance Du Bois – the French, luxury brand renowned for its inspiring creations that use only the best, sustainably sourced, natural ingredients.

Committed to producing only the finest luxury fragrances – faithful to the age-old traditions of Grasse – Fragrance Du Bois works with French Maître Parfumeurs who are experts in their craft, and whose deftness of touch has enabled all of the fragrances to be both bold and subtle; expressive, and yet light and fresh.

With the ‘Nature’s Treasures’ Collection, each fragrance is inspired by nature, and created with the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients

Despite its relative youth as a global brand, Fragrance Du Bois has already established an excellent reputation for its Oud-based fragrances and associated products – the perfume world resonating with the company’s ‘Pure Oud, Pure Luxury’ mantra. Fragrance Du Bois’ decision to create a collection of delectable non-Oud-based fragrances can be seen as a natural step in the development of the brand’s portfolio, meeting the desires of an ever-expanding clientele for whom variety is the spice of life.

Furthermore, Fragrance Du Bois has recognised that many perfume aficionados are following the traditions that have been practised in the Middle East for hundreds, if not thousands of years; that of ‘layering’ fragrances to create profiles that are quintessentially individual.

Women, and men, in the Middle East are used to combining a variety of different scents, according to personal tastes and mores – the permutations of which are limited only by the individual’s imagination. With Oud often being the ‘star’ ingredient and the ultimate ‘layer’, Fragrance Du Bois accepted the challenge of creating a series of products that are perfectly formulated, lighter in tone, and still containing only natural, finest quality ingredients.

The new collection features six exquisite fragrances; Baie Rose, Patchouli Argent, Brume du Matin, Petales de Cashmere, Santal Complet and Zest Marin, with each distinctive melange displaying the perfect balance of sophistication and allure. The departure from Fragrance Du Bois’ current product range in which all formulations contain Fragrance Du Bois’ signature 100% pure, natural Oud oil. ‘Nature’s Treasures’ reveals another facet of the young, innovative perfume house, that is sure to delight its burgeoning legion of devotees.

“We are delighted to reveal ‘Nature’s Treasures’,” says Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois. “A lot of thought and research has been put into this project in the past year, as we’ve evolved a collection that not only resonates with us, but also one that we feel will speak to our existing clients as well as our clients to be. As the name of the collection would suggest, each fragrance is inspired by nature, and created with the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients. We’ve approached this collection in much the same way that we composed our Oud-based fragrances; only natural ingredients will be used, and only the best of the best of those.”

“We believe that this collection will reach out to a different demographic in terms of our customers,” Parker concluded, “especially in Asia, where the climate seems to suit lighter and fresh, sparkling scents. Importantly though, we haven’t deviated from our core values and message. The new range follows through on the purity and the luxury with which our brand has come to be associated.”

Quintessentially luxurious, each perfume will be contained within an exquisite, signature, Fragrance Du Bois glass bottle, complete with a gold-plated cap, encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

Nature’s Treasures can be found at Fragrance Du Bois’ boutiques in Paris, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Geneva. Price: Available in 100ml at €595; 50ml available in selected regions at €295.