Asia Plantation Capital Berhad Proudly Supports the 2nd International Scientific Symposium on Agarwood

The Honourable Chief Minister of Perak, Dato Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir visited Asia Plantation Capital’s stand at the 2nd International Scientific Symposium on Agarwood

As leaders in the field of sustainable plantation management and agarwood production, Asia Plantation Capital Berhad – the Malaysian arm of the APC Group – is proud to be one of the supporters of the second International Scientific Symposium on Agarwood, which took place last Monday.

Asia Plantation Capital has proven itself to be a pioneer and innovator in the sustainable plantation sector, and its Scientific Advisory Board, working alongside a team of researchers, has evolved technologies – many of which have been patented – to ensure that the once endangered species of Aquilaria tree is now flourishing in the wild and continuing to produce one of nature’s most precious substances.

The products made from the trees on Asia Plantation Capital’s estates have full CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) approval and certification – a testament to the fact that the company is passionate about its role in not only making sure that there are agarwood supplies around for future generations, but also that products are sourced ethically and sustainably.

The APC Group’s ‘from soil, to oil, to you’ story is a perfect example of a vertically integrated business model, in which control at each and every link of the supply chain ensures the known provenance of an extremely valuable commodity, as well as the highest product quality. All of this is achieved with an attendant respect and care for the environment.

Organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia, this two-day symposium carried the theme ‘Next Generation Agarwood – Cultivating a New Green Economy’. The theme was both appropriate and timely, as the growth of the green economy has become an issue of vital importance in the process of national development. The Malaysian government has identified the green economy – in the form of growth of agricultural and forestry products – as a significant value-added economic sector for the country.

The discussions during the symposium covered themes such as ‘Policy and Trade’, ‘Conservation and Sustainable Use’, ‘Bioactivity’, ‘Biotechnology and Genomics’, and ‘Content and Quality’. These important and contemporary issues were deliberated over by experts in the industry, such as Professor Emeritus Dr Tadashi Nobuchi (Kyoto University), Dr Kanwal Deep (Ajmal Perfume Manufacturing and Oudh Processing Industry, Dubai), and Professor Dr Ya-Fang Yin (Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing), among others.

Syed Aizat, Operations Director of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad, elaborated on Asia Plantation Capital’s vertically integrated business model and its unique ‘From Soil, to Oil, to You’ story in his presentation. Syed Aizat said, “In the last seven years we have constantly been researching and improving our systems, and have identified and perfected a proprietary ‘soil to oil’ production process which is now the subject of 22, separate, intellectual property patent applications. These systems are not only being utilised by the group to widen our market share, but we are also offering them to smaller growers and farmers across Malaysia, to assist them in the cultivation and end processing of agarwood to create income. This will help boost rural economies.”

Although operating privately since 2002, Plantation Capital was officially established in 2008 in the UK, before incorporation as Asia Plantation Capital in Sri Lanka in 2009, followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. With a workforce of more than 2,000 people and 126 plantations across the globe, the company has plans to expand further into other forestry products, such as bamboo and teak, in the very near future.