Asia Plantation Capital Berhad Becomes the First Company to Offer Regulatory Approved Agarwood Investment

Asia Plantation Capital Berhad’s Agarwood Distillery and Factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Asia Plantation Capital Berhad (APCB), is pleased to announce that it has become the first dedicated agarwood plantation company in Asia to receive regulatory approval from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM – Companies Commission of Malaysia) for its Malaysia-based investment scheme.

SSM is a statutory body in Malaysia that regulates companies and businesses, and is the country’s leading authority for the improvement of corporate governance, and compliance with businesses registration and corporate legislation. As an enforcement body, SSM lays down stringent guidelines, and after a thorough audit by Agrinexus International – Malaysia’s leading management services company for the agriculture sector – Asia Plantation Capital Berhad’s regulatory approval has now been confirmed.

The approval is important for APCB and all its stakeholders, as it not only maintains the integrity of the industry and the investment sector, but also provides security and peace of mind for both current and potential clients.

Steve Watts, CEO of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad commented, “This comes as a significant step forward for us as a company, and indeed the agarwood plantation industry as a whole. The approval further strengthens our position as a global leader, and allows us to provide our services to regulated investment funds, individuals and institutional investors, all of whom can now have the comfort of knowing that we have gone through a rigorous audit and approval process by Malaysia’s foremost financial regulator.”

Aquilaria Trees Managed By Asia Plantation Capital Berhad as Part of a Joint Venture Agreement.

“It also paves the way for our ambitious expansion and investment programmes in Malaysia,” he continued, “and follows up our recently signed joint venture with Tunku Temenggong Johor’s, Johor Motorsports, as well as agreements we have already reached to manage plantations with Eco BlackGold. Expansion plans are also underway for our existing factory in Johor, and we are also looking at a major investment into new agarwood plantations in the very near future.”

Watts concluded, “As part of the company’s commitment to investing in local communities, we are aiming to supply our knowledge and expertise by introducing an ‘outgrower’ programme with local farms, smaller growers, and fellow plantation operators, and in return, offer a fixed price for their current, mature trees. We can also assist them by providing access to the processing facilities at our factories.”

Asia Plantation Capital Berhad has already established itself as a world leader in agarwood plantation management and the production of 100% pure, organic Oud oil – a fact not lost on the fragrance world. APCB supplies its sustainably sourced Oud to Fragrance Du Bois – a young, innovative perfume house whose range of Oud-inspired products have created quite a stir on the international market, and whose pace of expansion appears to be matching that of Asia Plantation Capital.

“Obtaining regulatory approval from a body as prestigious and well-respected as the Companies Commission of Malaysia is extremely helpful to the development of our company and what we are striving to achieve as an organisation,” said Steve Watts in signing off. “It’s excellent news for both us and our investors, and is a testament to the efforts we have put in to create only the finest products, embracing the best, ethical business practices, and with every respect to the environment in which we must all live and work.”