Fragrance Du Bois Triumphs in Paris Launch

Fragrance Du Bois’ display, featuring its 100% pure, sustainable Oud oil in Jovoy.

Fragrance Du Bois announces its arrival on the international scene, with a glittering European debut at the house of Jovoy.

Affectionately known as the ‘Embassy of rare perfumes’, Jovoy is extremely particular about the brands and products that it represents and lends a platform to, and the introduction of Fragrance Du Bois at the very epicentre of the fragrance world, has sparked worldwide media interest.

Coinciding with Jovoy’s fourth anniversary, the newly developed relationship between Fragrance Du Bois and Jovoy is nothing if not propitious.

Jovoy’s dedication to the highest quality fragrances, created by the world’s most innovative perfumers, has been its credo since François Hénin launched the marque four years ago. Fragrance Du Bois’ range of products can now rightly take its place in the pantheon of rare and exclusive items that are perfectly aligned with the Jovoy ethos; quality, creativity and exclusivity.

Helen Gailey, Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois, Francois Henin, Owner of Jovoy, Barry Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Plantation Capital and Gary Crates, Chief Executive Officer of Fragrance Du Bois Europe (L to R).

The collaboration – merely the beginning of a planned, ongoing partnership between the two brands – is a meeting of the minds and a coming together of cultures, with Fragrance Du Bois having its roots in Asia, and Jovoy representing the finest, most respected traditions of French perfumery. All Fragrance Du Bois’ products are expertly crafted in France, by a coterie of accomplished perfumers and artisans, while an essential ingredient in all its creations is both exotic and oriental.

In every Fragrance Du Bois formulation is the 100% pure, natural, sustainably produced Oud oil – an ingredient with which the world’s top perfumers are clamouring to work. Oud lends an extraordinary depth and longevity to a fragrance, and while there are many imitators across the globe, the essential oil that Fragrance Du Bois’ perfumers are able to use in their creations is much coveted and the envy of the industry.

Fragrance Du Bois owns its own plantations on which the Aquilaria trees that produce Oud is grown. The plantations are managed by Asia Plantation Capital – an award-winning and industry-leading company whose proprietary techniques and expertise have brought the species back from the brink of extinction, and created a vertically integrated business model that is becoming an emblem for our times.

Journalists at the launch were engaged and fascinated by the Fragrance Du Bois story. ‘From Soil, to Oil, to You’ captured the imagination of even the most seasoned scribe and weary industry aficionado, being a story of sustainability, renewability, environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility at every link in the supply chain. The story takes travellers on a journey from the land on which the trees are grown, all the way through to the end product – beautifully displayed on this occasion, at one of the most respected perfumery houses in Paris.

Customers discovering Fragrance Du Bois’ exquisite fragrances.

“We have very specific values at Jovoy,” said François Hénin. “Quality is key, of course, but we are also looking for something a little bit different. The global fragrance market has become somewhat generic in recent years, and we pride ourselves on encouraging brands that show originality and creativity. We’re delighted to be able to debut Fragrance Du Bois in Paris at our ‘embassy’, as we share the same ethos. All products must use the finest ingredients, sustainably produced, and blended into exquisite formulations that both stimulate and inspire.”

“When we started Fragrance Du Bois just a few years ago,” said Nicola Parker, Brand Director, Fragrance Du Bois, “I dreamed of having a presence in Paris for our products. That dream has now come true, and I, personally, am beyond excited. Jovoy represents everything we believe in as a brand, and the partnership is a testament to what we have achieved as a company. This has been a team effort; all the way from Fragrance Du Bois’ plantation workers and managers – who take such good care of our trees – through to our Scientific Advisory Board that makes sure that our Oud is of the highest quality, on to the personnel at our distilleries, and finally to our brilliant and inspired team of perfumers who create our magnificent fragrances. Our values are all shared and heartfelt,” Parker concluded, “and today we’re very proud of the recognition we’ve received. ‘Getting there’, I would agree, is half the fun. ‘Being there’, however, feels very special.”

‘Live’ Agarwood carving at Fragrance Du Bois’ launch in Jovoy.

Using only the finest, sustainably sourced and produced ingredients, Fragrance Du Bois has boutiques in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, with several more openings being planned around the world in the coming weeks and months. Its exquisite range of products can now also be found at Jovoy, Paris, as the young and innovative brand establishes its credentials in the world of haute parfumerie with its use of only natural and sustainable ingredients.