Asia Plantation Capital Welcomes Special Advisor to its Scientific Board

Dr Kodi Isparan Kandasamy, special advisor to Asia Plantation Capital’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Asia Plantation Capital, an award-winning sustainable plantation management company, announced the appointment of Dr Kodi Isparan Kandasamy, as a special advisor to its established and well respected Scientific Advisory Board.

“On behalf of Asia Plantation Capital, I would like to warmly welcome Dr Kodi Isparan Kandasamy to our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Asia Plantation Capital Malaysia’s CEO, Steve Watts. “As a plant biotechnologist with more than 30 years of experience in the plant science field, Dr Kodi is known to be a very insightful and respected leader in the industry. We are delighted to be able to work with an individual who brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our research and development team.”

Dr Kodi, who is currently the Senior Vice President at the Business Development & Investment Division of the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, previously held tenure for more than eight years as the Senior Scientist and Head of the Tissue Culture Laboratory at the FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). Prior to that, he was the R&D Manager for TropBio Research Sdn. Bhd., a private Malaysian biotechnology company. In addition, he has vast experience and a track record in transforming research and development findings into commercial business ventures, particularly those related to Agriculture Biotechnology.

After completing his post-doctoral research at the University of East London – working on a Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, UK project on English Garden Roses – Dr Kodi also taught for more than six years at the University of London (Wye College) on ‘Plant Tissue Culture and its uses in Micropropagation and Plant Biotechnology’.

To date, he has produced more than 100 publications, and is a member of the editorial board at a number of local and international scientific journals, including being on the Executive Editorial Board of the Journal of Tropical Medicinal Plants. Dr Kodi is also a member of the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC), representing the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation. Dr Kodi has supervised, and continues to supervise both graduate and postgraduate research project students, in the UK and in Malaysia.

Asia Plantation Capital’s Scientific Advisory Board and its Research and Development Team is currently led by Dr Pakamas Chetpattananondh, Special Scientific Advisor and an Assistant Professor at the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. The rest of the team consists of globally recognised experts in the Aquilaria tree species, as well as in agarwood production and the techniques of Oud distillation.

Since Asia Plantation Capital commenced its innovative and ground-breaking inoculation programme, the team has achieved significant results at its plantations in both Thailand and Malaysia, and is responsible for the company’s 100% pure, natural, sustainable Oud oil. Moreover, the team actively collaborates with leading universities across Asia, ensuring that they are able to consistently produce the optimum quality and quantity of agarwood/Oud in a sustainable and ethical manner, with all due respect paid to the environment as well as the communities who live and work in it.