Fragrance Du Bois Announces Partnership with Jovoy

Fragrance Du Bois Brand Director Nicola Parker outside Jovoy Ambassade des Parfums Rares à Paris

The first phase of a partnership between the fragrance house Fragrance du Bois and Jovoy, the ‘Embassy of rare perfumes’ in Paris, was revealed to the press, professionals, and industry aficionados today.

Partnership between Fragrance Du Bois and Jovoy

It was only natural that the first step on the road to a meaningful partnership should be in Europe, and by implication, Paris, France – the epicentre of the haute parfumerie world. The special chemistry between Fragrance Du Bois and Jovoy, is a meeting of minds, cultures and values for the creation of a harmonious alliance.

François Hénin assisting with preparations for the Fragrance Du Bois Launch

The launch of Fragrance Du Bois is the first stage in a boutique partnership between the ‘Ambassador of rare perfumes’ and one of the freshest, most innovative fragrance houses in the world today.

The voyage of discovery will begin in early March 2016, in Paris, and will soon be found at other prestigious addresses across Europe and the rest of the world.